Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea is grown and produced only in the hilly areas of Darjeeling district, located in India on the Northern part of West Bengal. There are only 86 Tea Estates which produce Darjeeling Tea. All of these are in Darjeeling District and only teas coming from these estates can be called Darjeeling Tea. It cannot be produced anywhere else in the World.

Darjeeling Tea is widely and universally acknowledged to be the finest tea, because its flavour is so unique that it cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. It has no equal. The Annual production of Darjeeling Tea is approximately 10 Million kilograms.

The Flavours of Darjeeling Tea differs from Season to Season. According to the plucking period, the seasons can be categorised as:

Easter Flush ( March - April) : It arrives just after the dormant Winter months. The leaves are tender and very light green in appearance. The liquor too is light, clear, bright and imparts a pleasant brisk flavour.

Spring Flush ( May - June) : This flush is famed for its prominent quality. The leaf has a purplish bloom. The liquor is more round, mellow and with more colour (amber) and has a slightly fruity flavour. It is during this period that the famous “Muscatel” flavour becomes pronounced.

Summer Flush ( July - September) : During this period the nature of the liquor changes, becoming stronger, yet retaining the brightness and character that Darjeeling is known for.

Autumn Flush ( October - November) : The Tea during this period has a light coppery tinge and liquors have a delicate character.

Winter Months ( December - February) : Dormant period with no production.

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Darjeeling Tea